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What People Are Saying

Coach Dan is a gem. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about training. He is great with young athletes. He takes a very individual approach, tailors the workout to the athlete and their sport, pays attention to form, and is extremely patient and encouraging. My daughter has been training with him for 3 months. Not once has she complained about working out. She looks forward to her training sessions. We can see her building muscle and getting stronger day by day. Also, it's worth noting, he is very flexible and accommodating with her school/sports schedule.

Raquel Lazo

There’s a lot of personal trainers out there. Some average. Some good. Some really good. Some great. Dan is great. He has what makes a personal trainer great. Knowledge, experience and passion for his craft. He also aligns his training regimen with your goals and capabilities which helps you make real progress towards your goals. Dan has challenged me and adjusted where needed. I’m 57, leaner, stronger, feeling and looking better than I ever have. Thank you Dan!

Dan is an excellent coach! His workouts are thoughtful and functional which I feel is extremely important in any program. His experience in the industry is extensive and you can tell he truly cares about his clients and their goals!


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