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Our Mission Statement.

The mission of Eiden’s Fitness & Sports Performance Training is not just train clients and put them through a workout. Their goal is to teach and educate clients while giving clients the best training experience to help them reach their fitness goals. This is what separates Eiden’s Fitness from other personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. Most trainers and coaches just run clients through a workout and that is it. If that is all you are getting out of your trainer you are not getting your true value out of your training. Our approach is to help educate our clients to help them learn the proper ways to not just exercise but to teach them proper lifestyle habits. We realize we only get to work with our clients a handful of hours a week. If we can teach them the correct ways to live their lives in a healthy way it will go a long way to developing lifelong habits and lessons they can take with them the rest of the hours of the week and the rest of their lives. The teaching and education we provide them may include additional work outside the gym that they do each day including proper nutritional practices, flexibility and mobility exercises, corrective exercises, cardiovascular exercise and NEAT (Non Exercise Related Activity). This is the true value that Eiden’s Fitness provides. The other thing that separates Eiden’s Fitness from other personal trainers and coaches is that we truly care about each and every one of our clients and have their best interest in mind at all times.

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