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 Eiden's Fitness Sports Performance Training large group, semi-private, and private training for athletes. We cater to all athletes regardless of experience levels including youth ages all the way up to professional athletes. 

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Eiden’s Fitness & Sports Performance Training offers sports performance training for athletes either in private 1 on 1 sessions or in group classes. Programs are available to athletes of all sports, ages and level of development. We offer complete and balanced programs covering speed development (acceleration, deceleration and change of direction), agility, power (speed/velocity and strength-based power including olympic lifts, med ball training, plyometric training and jumping and landing technique), strength, corrective exercises, flexibility, mobility and conditioning. Our training is a functional, joint by joint approach to sports performance training focusing on proper movement and exercise form and technique. We use an online software program to allow our athletes to track and see their progress.


Private, 1 on 1 sessions are customized to each individual athlete and their needs. Programs start with an athlete assessment that includes a postural analysis, flexibility and mobility assessment, a movement screen and assessment for structural and muscular imbalances as well as testing for speed, agility, power, strength and muscular endurance. Based on the assessment, the athlete, their sport and level of development a customized program is designed for that athlete that is periodized and progressed for that individual athlete.

Athletic performance training classes cover all aspects of sports performance training covering speed development, agility, velocity-based power, strength-based power, strength, corrective exercises, flexibility, mobility and conditioning. Our group athletic performance training programs are available to athletes from the youth, beginner athlete all the way up to the advanced, college and professional athlete. Our programs start with foam rolling (myofascial release), stretching, mobility work, muscle activation exercises and a dynamic warm up. We then progress to our speed and agility training followed by power development, strength training and finishing with conditioning. The training programs are systematically designed to progress the athlete with training phases that progress and change every 3 weeks. Classes are approximately 1 hour in length and limited to 8 athletes per class to allow for proper coaching, instruction and supervision. 

Our training is done at a private facility, Bodysport Performance Training near Summerlin at the cross streets of Rock Springs Dr. and Lake Mead BLVD.

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