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The difference between working out vs training


I saw this post on Instagram by top strength coach Joe DeFranco. He discusses the difference between working out and training. It’s why I plan and track everything with my clients.

Here is a pic of my workout charts I use with my clients.

Here is the difference between working out vs training.

A workout is unfortunately what the majority of people do and the majority of what trainers do. I know because I’ve been in gyms my whole life and I rarely ever see trainers planning their clients workouts out and tracking them and their progress. It’s because planning a training program and tracking it all takes time and work and many trainers are not just unqualified but lazy and incompetent (I don’t like to bash other trainers because I’m not perfect as a trainer/strength coach and never will be but I think people need to be informed on just how unregulated the personal training industry is and how easy it is to get a training certification. It creates widespread unqualified trainers in the industry). If you are just working out you are aimlessly training with no specific goal or plan. You may feel good and get fatigued and feel like you got a good workout in but if you have no specific plan you are just exercising for the sake of exercising.

If you are training you have a specific plan and goal. You make changes in the training program based on how you or your client are responding to it (positively or maybe negatively). You take time to plan what you are doing and what changes you are looking to do in the next training phase. Their are clear goals, reason and purpose for everything you do in your training program

My favorite quote from legendary basketball coach John Wooden

“Never mistake activity for achievement”

Or as actor Curtis Armstrong said in the 80’s movie One Crazy Summer

“Without a plan there is no attack. Without an attack there is no victory”.

Whether it’s a health or fitness goal or some other goal in life. Have a clear plan and goal and a specific way you are going to achieve that goal. Don’t just do something for the sake of doing something, have a purpose. #training #trainingprogram #traininggoals #workout #workoutgoals #workoutplan #lasvegas #personaltrainer #fitnessgoals #strengthcoach #trainingplan #workoutplan #fitnesstrainer #fitnesscoach #exercise #exercisecoach #gymtrainer

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