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Weight/strength training makes you inflexible?

As long I can remember there has been this belief by some that strength training makes you inflexible and muscle bound.

I put together a few pics of old school body builder Tom Platz (the Quad Father) displaying his incredible flexibility. He was known for having some of the best, if not the best, leg development of any bodybuilder. As evidenced by these pics his tremendous leg development didn’t negatively impact his flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

Strength training actually will increase flexibility and range of motion around a joint. Now if an area of the body is over trained or worked too much the muscles can shorten and tighten and that can limit flexibility. Just think of those guys in the gym that bench press and do too many pressing movements and the rounded shoulder look they have.

If the body is trained in proper balance and you use a full range of motion in your movements you will increase flexibility and range of motion. There is also some evidence that has shown eccentric training (slower negatives) can increase flexibility. #flexibility #muscle #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #quads #legdevelopment #mobility #eccentrictraining #lasvegas #legflexibility #personaltrainer #strengthtraining #strength #weighttraining #strengthcoach #fitnesstrainer

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