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Weight loss doesn't = Fat loss

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

One of the oldest practices in the field of health and fitness as it pertains to fat loss or weight loss goals is using the scale as a measure of progress. The scale doesn’t tell you where the weight you are losing or gaining is coming from. Is it muscle? Fat? Water? Who knows. It can be very misleading. Yet unfortunately many people still use it as the way to gauge their progress. If you do this I can guarantee you won’t achieve maximum fat loss and reach your potential.

For example, over the course of say 6 weeks you gain 4 lbs of lean body weight and lose 4 lbs of fat. That’s great progress. Yet when someone get on the scale they will say “I haven’t lost any weight. I’m not making any progress.” They then start to cut calories and start training more. They start to lose muscle and get over trained and lose weight. They see the weight loss as a measure of progress and continue doing what they are doing and continue to further lose muscle and get more over trained. They end up weighing less but looking worse then they did before because the weight loss wasn’t the right type of weight loss. Same thing with someone who cuts their carbs and in 2 or 3 days loses 5 or 6 lbs. That weight loss is coming from muscle glycogen and water loss, not fat loss.

The scale can be used as a general guide and to monitor any unnatural changes in body weight, not as a measure of progress in trying to achieve your fitness goals. A better bet is to go by how your clothes fit (if you gain a lb of muscle and lose a lb of fat the scale won’t change but your clothes will start to fit better as muscle is more dense then fat and you will get smaller and lose inches), how you look, how you feel and by using a good, reliable method of body fat testing like a good skin fold caliper test or a dexa scan. The only worthwhile weight

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