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Want a great abdominal exercise?

My client David performing rope crunches on an incline bench while overloading the eccentric/negative phase. Since the body is always stronger on the eccentric phase (lowering) extending the hands above the head after performing the concentric phase (contraction) overloads the eccentric making it more challenging.

A few cues:

1) Don’t pull with the hands. The hands are there to hold the ropes, not to pull the weight. Contract the abdominals and use them to execute the movement.

2) Focus on the abdominals and use them, not the hip flexors. The hip flexors will work a little with the feet being anchored in on the bench but try to focus on the abdominals and let them do the work.

3) Perform the exercise in strict form in a smooth and controlled manner focusing on the working muscles.

4) Start with a light weight. If you choose to heavy a weight to start with you will sacrifice the form to compensate for the weight and you won’t ever feel the right muscles working and you won’t get the form down right.

If you do these correctly it will really work the abdominals.

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