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Want a bigger back? Coaching cues and tips for this foundational back exercise

Inverted rows are what I call the horizontal pulling equivalent of chin ups with chin ups being a vertical pulling movement. Both of these are great foundation movements that work a lot of muscles and get a lot of bang for your buck.

With inverted rows you can do them with a bar, a TRX, with rings and here with a equalizer among other ways to perform them.

With the equalizer here are a few coaching cues and tips. These cues and tips can be used with pretty much all types of inverted rows.

1. Keep a straight line from your head to your knees or feet if you are doing them with your legs straight (legs straight is more challenging)

2. Keep your core tight, especially your abs and glues.

3. Initiate the movement with your scapulae retractors (rhomboids and trapezius 2 fibers, these are the muscles between your shoulder blades that work to squeeze aka retract your shoulder blades). Those are the main muscles you are working and you should be driving with those throughout the movement.

4. Your chest should rise or come out a little bit and your shoulders should come back during the movement (at the end of the movement as you fully retract or squeeze your shoulder blades together in particular).

5. If you are curling your wrist as you do the movement and round or draw your shoulders forward you are probably pulling too much with the forearms (flexors) and upper trapezius muscles (trapezius 1 fibers, the muscles of your upper back extending up to the back of your head).

6. This is especially true if you do #5 at the end of the movement by doing what I call exaggerating the range of motion. Some people feel they can get more out of the movement and start pulling with their forearms and upper traps. Once the shoulder blades retract and fully squeeze together that is it. At that point you hit your end range of motion and achieved a maximal contraction. #invertedrows #lebertequalizer #neutralgriprows #fitness #gym #fitnesstips #coachingcues #tips #exercise #exercisetips #backworkout #horizontalpull #scapularetraction #rhomboids #trapezius #muscle #personaltrainer #strengthcoach

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