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Tricep training tip

When you’re doing isolation work like my client Scott is seen doing here with lying tricep extensions with the EZ curl bar be sure to keep your elbows in the same spot.

You can position the elbows closer to your forehead or closer to your chest to work the triceps differently in this exercise or in a movement like tricep cable pushdowns you can position them in front of the torso or behind it but once you are set with where you are gonna position them at the start of exercise you don’t want to be moving them around. That takes the emphasis off the triceps and puts it on shoulders and other muscles.

In a single joint tricep exercise like this you are only moving at the elbow joint. If you are moving around at your shoulder joint it probably means you are cheating on the exercise. #tricepsworkout #triceps #exercise #exercisetips #fitness #fitnesstrainer #fitnesstips #personaltrainer #personaltraining #workout #workouttips #muscle #gym #strengthtraining #strength #lasvegas #gymtrainer #exerciseprogram

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