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Lack of exercise equipment doesn't = lack of results

I just got done putting a workout together for one of my clients who is out of town and wants to continue to train while out of town. He’s at a hotel and only has a rack of dumbbells and a bench to work with. Whether you are traveling or are working out at home the amount, or lack of, equipment you have to work with shouldn’t keep you from getting in shape and getting a good workout in. If I have a choice of course I’ll always want to have more equipment at my disposal and have more options but it’s not how much equipment you have it’s what you do with the equipment you do have. Bill Phillips, founder and owner of EAS and Muscle Media 2000 and author of Body For Life, said once that the best home gym equipment a person can have is a good set of dumbbells and a bench and knowing how to use them correctly. Whenever I have had clients who want to do in home training with me and have no equipment and don’t want to spend a bunch of money on equipment I take them over to Dick’s Sporting Goods or some sports equipment store. I have them buy and set of adjustable dumbbells and barbells and then buy a used adjustable bench at somewhere like Play It Again Sports. They can usually get both for $200 or less. With that there is a unlimited amount of exercises and workouts you can do. Don’t let how much or how little equipment you have affect your ability to get a good workout in and get in great shape. #workout #workouttip #exercisetips #exercisetip #exercise #exercises #exerciseprogram #workoutprogram #workoutprograms #exerciseprograms #fitness #personaltrainer #personaltraining #fitnesstrainer #fitnesstraining #strengthtraining #weighttraining #dumbbells #dumbbellworkouts #dumbbellworkout #barbellworkout #barbell #inhometraining #exerciseequipment #workoutequipment #lasvegas #lasvegaspersonaltrainer #gymtrainer #strengthcoach

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