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Tips to proper exercise form

Teaching clients a new exercise can sometimes be challenging, especially if it’s one that involves a lot of coordination and a lot of moving parts (multi joint movements).

One of the things I’ve found to help teach clients the right form and how to use the right muscles is to do the exercise with no weight first. I call it doing an “air movement”. This helps them focus in on just doing the exercise correctly and how to use the right muscles in that particular exercise without having to worry about any additional resistance or weight. I have found this to be very helpful in teaching proper form and technique on new exercises.

If you are struggling to learn a new exercise try doing the movement with no weight and focus in on the right form and using the right muscles and you will end up learning how to do the exercise correctly much quicker. #exercise #exercisetips #workout #workouttips #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnesscoach #gym #strengthtraining #strengthcoach #lasvegas #vegas

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