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Thermogenic foods for fat loss

The thermogenic effect of food is the calories you burn during the digestion process. I provided a list of some foods with a high thermogenic effect of food.

For anyone looking to lose body fat this is an important thing to factor in. Whole food sources tend the have the highest thermogenic effect because foods in their most natural state, as opposed to processed and packaged foods, take more work for the body to digest and therefore burn more calories.

For example, a piece of white bread may take minimal work and calorie burning for the body to digest where as a piece of chicken may take a lot more work and burn significantly more calories.

Of all the types of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) protein has the highest thermogenic effect of food burning as much as 30% of the food just in digestion followed by carbs and then fat (although some fats like omega 3 fats have a higher thermogenic effect).

The key is building your diet around all natural foods which will have a higher thermogenic effect of food. If you do this in place of processed foods with sugars and other high glycemic carbs (carbs that digest fast) and processed fats you will start burning more body fat and lose more weight. #fatloss #thermogenic #digestion #calorieburning #fatburn #weightloss #personaltrainer #food #nutrition #diet #health #healthfood #wholefoods #organic #lasvegas #fitnesstrainer #strengthcoach

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