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The winning mindset

A great motivational quote from my favorite athlete of all time, Walter Payton. This is what makes the great ones great. They are never satisfied and never rest on their laurels. They always want to get better and always think they can get better. It’s one of the things that drives them. When they train they go all out. They want to get those extra reps and want to do those extra sets, they want to stay after practice to work more.

I remember hearing a story that a guy who had a son who was a really good hockey player asked Wayne Gretzky what does he need to do to get him to want to practice more and train harder. Gretzky said “you can’t”. There’s something inside the great ones that drives them that you can’t coach or teach. It’s what Tom Brady has in football, it’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger had winning all his Mr. Olympia titles in the 1970’s and then applying that same mindset to the rest of his life afterwards and it’s what Michael Jordan had in basketball. It’s what separates them from everyone else. #exercisemotivation #motivation #motivationalquotes #walterpayton #football #footballquotes #strength #extrareps #sportsperformance #sportstraining #footballmotivation #lasvegas #lasvegaspersonaltrainer #personaltrainer #gymtrainer #fitnesstrainer #strengthcoach

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