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The perfect diet?

If you asked 20 of the worlds leading experts on nutrition their thoughts on what the best nutrition program is you might get 20 different answers. The only thing they might all agree on is eat more green vegetables. I don’t think you can put a one size fits all nutrition program on everyone. It may sound like a generic answer but everyone’s body is different. No one nutrition program is a fit for everyone. I’ve seen a lot of people do well on a low carb diet but not everyone does. I’ve seen people do well on gluten free diets but not everyone. The key is trying to find a diet and nutrition program that fits you and your body. That can be easier said then done. It sometimes takes a little trial and error to see what fits and works best but I think the best thing to do is to learn to listen to your body. That will tell you a lot and guide you in the right direction. #nutrition #greenvegetables #vegetables #diet #healthy #health #healthyfood #healthfood #fitness #personaltrainer #lasvegas #lasvegaspersonaltrainer #fitness #fitnesstrainer #gymtrainer

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