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Having a support network for your fitness goals

I like this quote from Lou Holtz, especially the part about not being able to accomplish anything great without the help of others.

Whether it’s a health, fitness or sports goal having people around you that not just support what you are trying to do but also help you in achieving those goals is important. When someone is trying to change their life and beat a drug, alcohol or some other addiction they stress how critical it is to have all the important people in that persons life on board supporting them and on the same page. It’s no different with fitness goals.

I’ve noticed in all my years training clients that those that have family and friends that support them, want to get informed and educated about what they are trying to accomplish and are willing to get involved however they can to help that person achieve those goals have a far greater chance of success. #fitness #exercise #fitnessgoals #execisegoals #motivation #personaltrainer #health #lasvegas #fitnesstrainer #workoutgoals #inspiration #motivation #strengthcoach #exercisemotivation #exerciseinspiration #workoutmotivation #workoutinspiration

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