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Squatting in proper form checklist

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The barbell back squat is one of the more difficult exercises for people to learn. There is a lot of moving parts (movement at the hip, knee and ankle joint) and it can take a lot of work and practice to learn to do the movement correctly. There are also a lot of things that can keep someone from being able to do squats in good form. Lack of ankle flexibility and mobility, tightness in certain muscle groups and weakness or underdeveloped muscle groups. These can all be corrected and improved but it can take time.

With my client Scott here he has a lot of the things I look for in a barbell back squat. His eyes are looking forward (his head is tilted back a little but not bad) his chest is out, his torso is upright with no forward lean or excessive hip flexion, his back is straight with a arch in his lower back but not an excessive arch, knees are tracking over his 1st two toes, he’s getting solid depth with his hamstrings starting to touch the back of his calves, his shoulders are back with a good tight upper back.

I should note that if the load was heavier we would be squatting in the power rack but sometimes with sub max loads I have clients squat outside the power rack. I feel it helps me watch and analyze their form better. Some things to work on but overall I think pretty good form here. #squats #squat #barbellsquats #backsquats #backsquat #legday #legworkout #legworkouts #legexercise #legexercises #lasvegas #personaltrainer #fitness #strengthtraining #weighttraining #muscle #quadriceps #hamstrings #glutes #strengthcoach #fitnesstrainer #strengthcoach #gymtrainer #fitnesscoach #exercisecoach

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