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Shoulder Training

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

One of the first areas of a person’s physique that can stand out, if they are well developed, is the shoulder area. A good pair of well developed shoulders stand out whether someone is shirtless, wearing a t-shirt, or wearing a suit. Good shoulder development is seen in many of the classic physique’s in bodybuilding and fitness through the years including the legendary actor and bodybuilder Steve Reeve’s. Steve was known for his natural, symmetrical, and well balanced body and his excellent shoulder development was one of the focal points of his sensational physique.

The first thing a person looking to build up their shoulders needs to learn is the anatomy of the muscles they are training. The shoulder area is made up of many different muscles and all of them need to be trained correctly for overall shoulder development. The biggest muscles in the shoulder area, and the muscles that most people think of when they think of the shoulders, is the deltoids. The deltoids are composed of 3 heads (the anterior, lateral, and posterior) although research has suggested there may actually be more and that the 3 heads can be broken down into smaller heads. For this discussion let’s limit the heads of the shoulders to the more commonly referred to 3 heads. The anterior head is the head of the deltoid located in front of the shoulders, with the medial being on the side, and the posterior being located in the back of the shoulders towards the upper back.

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