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Shoulder external rotation exercise mistakes

The side shoulder external rotation exercise is an exercise that often gets performed incorrectly. There are 2 mistakes I see often performing this exercise.

1️⃣ Instead of rotating at the shoulder they extend their elbow out. Extending the elbow will put work on the triceps, not that external rotator cuff muscles. There shouldn’t be movement at the elbow. The movement should be at the shoulder. Think of a movement like doing a tennis backhand.

2️⃣ Instead of keeping the elbow and upper arm at the side of the body they start driving it back mimicking more of a row movement and working the scapulae retractors. I see this more when people do it bi laterally (both arms) rather than unilaterally but it is done often both ways.

Whether you are using a cable, resistance band or dumbbell keep the elbows and upper arm at the side. It’s not a big movement. Don’t try to exaggerate it by trying to get more range of motion and doing it incorrectly. One thing I like that helps is keep a shirt or towel rolled up and pin it between the upper arm and side of your body. This will help keep your arm to your side and help prevent both problems with form I mentioned. #shoulder #shoulderworkout #infraspinatus #teresminor #reardelts #posteriordeltoid #externalrotation #externalrotators #lasvegas #vegas #personaltrainer #strengthcoach #muscle

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