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Don't neglect training your rotator cuff muscles

The rotator cuff muscles, one of the biggest areas in people’s workouts that gets neglected and this leads to muscle and structural imbalances and sometimes shoulder injuries. So many guys go in the gym and focus so much on the big pressing movements (bench press, military press, incline press, etc) and other exercises that work the anterior (front) of the body and internal rotator cuff muscles while totally neglecting and not training the external rotators. This is why you see so many big bodybuilders with the rounded shoulders look.

The rotator cuff muscles play a key role in many movements and are needed for stabilization of the shoulders. Weak and undertrained and underdeveloped rotator cuff muscles also can lead to plateaus in workouts as the rotator cuff muscles become the weakest link in an exercise and keep you from moving forward and making progress. This is why it’s so important to have a balanced training routine and to not neglect any one area of the body. Don’t forget training your rotator cuff muscles, especially your external rotators (supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor) as those are notoriously weak and underdeveloped in many people. #workoutroutine #workout #workoutplan #exercise #exerciseprogram #exerciseroutine #gym #strengthtraining #muscleimbalances #muscle #fitness #trainingroutine #weighttraining #strength #rotatorcuff #lasvegas #personaltrainer #gymtrainer #fitnesstrainer

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