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Reverse hyper for the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Having my client perform the reverse hyper with a resistance band instead of using the machine to load the weight plates on it. Powerlifter Louie Simmons is the man credited with inventing this exercise.

I love this exercise for the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. I really like it for those with a weak lower back or back issues as it doesn’t cause the stress and compression forces on the spine that some other hip extension exercises do.

I have found though some of the reverse hyper machines to be a bit awkward and hard for even someone who is strong to perform the exercise correctly (I had a pro basketball player I trained that was in great shape that had trouble performing them with even a small amount of weight added to the machine).

What I like to do is attach bands to the bottom of the machine for resistance. I then like to overload the eccentric (negative) phase. Since the resistance curve of the bands is easiest on the eccentric, especially the very bottom as the bands lose tension, I pull back on the machine to make the eccentric harder and increase tension on the bands.

A couple things to keep in mind. Notice how my client doesn’t hyperextend the lower back at the top. Her legs stop a little short of parallel. Going up too far and hyperextending can cause strain on the discs of the lower back. Also if you haven’t done this exercise before I recommend starting with no weight or resistance at first. Get the movement down first and learn how to engage and recruit the right muscles. #reversehyper #reversehypermachine #backextension #hipextension #erectorspinae #lowerbackworkout #lowerback #glutes #gluteworkout #hamstringworkout #hamstrings #eccentrictraining #resistancebands #lasvegas #vegas #personaltrainer #strengthcoach #fitnesscoach

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