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Proper split squat form

I always try to stress the importance of proper form with clients and have always been a stickler on proper form. Here my client Justin is doing dumbbell split squats. Keep in mind different trainers and coaches have different ways they teach this exercise and there are also many variations.

Notice here though the torso is straight with the shoulders back and chest out. The head is straight and eyes looking forward. He’s in control of the movement and isn’t swinging or bouncing his knee off the ground during the negative phase. He’s getting a full range of motion and is driving off the balls of his feet on his back leg and driving through his heels on the front leg. I like to teach my clients to move slightly forward as they do them to really get a good stretch of the quads and hip flexors. People tend to think you only work the front leg in split squats or lunges but both legs are working. They are just working differently based on which leg is forward or back. Doing these you should feel the quads working in both legs as both legs are extending the knee. You will feel the glutes, hamstrings and core working as well during the movement. #workout #workouttips #fitness #fitnesstrainer #fitnesstips #exercise#exercisetips #splitsquats #quadriceps #hamstrings #glutes #personaltrainer #lasvegas #strengthcoach #lunges #gymtrainer #lasvegaspersonaltrainer

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