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Post exercise stretches

I’m working on some post exercise stretching on a couple of common areas that tend to be tight in a lot of people, hamstrings and calves/ankles.

Pre exercise you wouldn’t want to do any static or passive stretching (where you hold a stretch) because that actually can be counter productive to workout performance. Pre workout warm up should be more of an active warm up or dynamic warm up where you are putting the muscle through active range of motions that resemble the movements you will be doing in your workout. This will prepare the body and activate the muscles.

I like to do post exercise stretching and flexibility work but to truly increase flexibility it usually requires more work than what I can cover post workout with a client. In those cases I prescribe some additional stretching and flexibility work to do on their own at home. #stretching #flexible #flexibility #warmupexercise #postexercisestretching #staticstretching #hamstrings #calves #calvesstretch #hamstringstretch #dynamicstretching #lasvegas #vegas #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnesstrainer #fitnesscoach #rangeofmotion #strengthcoach @ Las Vegas, Nevada

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