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Getting the optimal amount of exercise

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

I’ve always liked to use analogies when explaining different topics with exercise and nutrition to clients to help them better understand things. One I have always liked using is comparing exercise to a mountain. On one side of the mountain you have under training. This could be not exercising frequently enough, not exercising long enough (duration), not exercising or training hard enough and not training with enough volume among other reasons. This can result in not getting enough of a stimulus to get a training effect to get results. On the other side of the mountain you have over training. This is the opposite of under training. This can be the result of too much training frequency, too much volume, too long of a training duration and many other potential factors. This is when you start going down the other side of the mountain and you start getting less and less returns on the time you spend exercising, basically causing more harm then good.

The key is to get to the peak of the mountain (optimal exercise). This can be easier said then done as exercise and training programs can be highly individualized and vary from person to person. Things like monitoring your weight, your energy levels, your sleep patterns, appetite, mood and progress, or lack of, in a workout are some of the many ways to see if you are getting the optimal amount of exercise and not getting too much or too little. #workouts #workoutroutine #workout #workoutplan #workoutprogram #workoutprograms #workoutprogress #exercise #exerciseroutine #exercisetips #exercise #fitness #fitnessprogram #fitnessprogress #fitnessworkout #strengthtraining #musclegain #muscle #musclegains💪 #musclegains #fitnesstips #workouttips

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