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Nutritional guidance = A necessary part of any trainer and coaches job

When I first started my training business in Las Vegas in 2001 I started putting together a nutritional guide for all my clients. It started with just 6 or 7 pages of information and evolved over the years to a very detailed 25 plus page guide (I’ve revised it too many times to count over the years).

For years I was the only trainer in the area I knew of who wrote their own nutrition guide (not copying someone else’s content and information) for their clients. I never felt it was something I was doing extra for them or something where I was going above and beyond. I felt it was necessary information that they needed to be successful in their fitness endeavors.

As anyone knows the nutrition is the biggest part of anyone’s health and fitness goals and the part as a trainer you feel you have the least control over because you can’t be with them 247 making sure they are following their diet they are eating correctly. Because of that I always felt I needed to educate my clients as much as possible and give them the information and resources to be successful with their nutrition and the nutrition guide was the reason for that.

Today I’m meeting with a client early before their workout at a coffee shop to go over their nutrition with them because if they don’t understand nutrition wise what to and how to do it they won’t be truly successful no matter how committed and how hard they train in our workouts. #nutrition #dietplan #diet #nutritionguidance #dietguide #nutritionguide #lasvegas #nevada #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnesstrainer #food#health #healthyfood #healthfood #strengthcoach #workout #fitnesssuccess #success #fitnesscoach

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