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Nutrition tip for raw walnuts

Raw nuts are some of the most nutritious food sources. They are a great source of healthy fats, a great source of fiber and even have a little bit of protein.

I’ve noticed though that there are some people who don’t like eating raw nuts because they feel they are too plain and like eating nuts that are roasted or salted or with sugar or chocolate. I am guilty of it myself as I’m always looking to find ways to add flavor and more taste to my food but without adding sugar and empty calories.

What I like to do with my walnuts here is I take a handful of the raw walnuts and combine them with a handful of the candied walnuts I get at Trader Joe’s. The candied walnuts only have 2 extra grams of sugar added in. So for just a couple extra carbs you can add a lot of flavor while also getting your raw nuts in too. A very simple tip but I think it can be helpful. #nutrition #nutritiontips #diet #diettips #walnuts #rawnuts #healthyfood #health #fitness #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #strengthcoach #lasvegas #healthyfat #fiber

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