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Making changes to a workout

When looking to make changes in a workout program many times people only think of the bigger things they can change. Things such as doing a different exercise, a different training program

all together or over loading the body (more sets, more reps or more weight).

Sometimes it only takes something small to force the body to adjust and adapt to something new. Small or more subtle changes like changing the rep tempo, the grip of hand placement on an exercise, changing the angle a little on a exercise, changing the foot placement or altering the rest interval. Keep this in mind anytime your looking to make some changes to your workout program or reach a sticking point in a program. #exercise #exercisetips #workout #workouttips #fitness #fitnesstrainer #fitnesscoach #fitnesstips #fitnesstraining #personaltrainer #strengthtraining #workoutprogram #workoutprogress #workoutroutine #exerciseprogress #strengthcoach #lasvegas #workoutgains #weighttraining

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