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Linear speed and acceleration training

Lean Fall Run

Why we do it with our athletes and some key points we look for when performing it.

We are working on our athletes linear acceleration and run form, technique and mechanics.

1️⃣ We have our athletes start by falling forward. This is important because for proper acceleration the center of mass of the body should be in front of the base of support (their feet). (Notice how in frame 1 JD is starting to fall forward).

2️⃣ We teach them to have high knee drive to focus on putting force into the ground (in frame 2 see JD’s high knee drive in his left leg). Falling forward and having high knee drive allows for force to be effectively applied into the ground.

3️⃣ We look for there to be a straight line between the center of mass of the body and where the foot is driving into the ground (notice in the 3rd frame how there is a straight line from JD’s foot all the way up to his head). If there isn’t a straight line the ability to generate force will be hindered.

4️⃣ We also teach our athletes to have their arms in a 90 degree angle. This shortens what’s called the lever arm and leads to faster and more efficient arm drive (notice JD’s arms in a 90 degree angle). We want them to drive their arms straight back and forth. We tell them to act like they have a hammer in their hand and are driving that hammer down and back. The arms drive the legs.

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