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Lactic Acid Training For Fat Loss

6-12-25 lactic acid training program for fat loss. The key here is to make sure the reps your rep maximum (example, if 6 reps is your rep maximum then you wouldn’t be able to do 7 reps) and to do them in a tri set (3 exercises in a row). The tri set and number of reps will produce a lot of lactic acid (that burning sensation you get in your muscles when exercising).

Lactic acid is the associated with a release of growth hormone which is a very potent fat burning hormone. If you select too light of weight you won’t get the right effect as it won’t produce enough lactic acid. If the weight is too heavy and you don’t get the prescribed number of reps you also won’t produce enough lactic acid. In this video on the last set of the tri set my client Scott only got around 15 reps instead of the prescribed 25 reps so we need to go lighter next time to reach 25 reps.

I have 2 posts from back in the spring with more specific details on this program and how it works for anyone looking for more info on it. #fatloss #fatburn #fatburning #weightloss #lasvegas #lasvegaspersonaltrainer #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnesstrainer #gymtrainer #strengthcoach #nevada #lacticacid #lacticacidtraining #growthhormone #lactate

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