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Knee tracking in leg exercises

I’m watching my client Rod’s form on the leg press to see that his knees are tracking over his toes correctly (roughly the 2nd toe aligned with the center of the knee). I don’t look for it to be perfect perfect. I look for any significant knee valgus (knee caving inward) or significant knee movement moving out laterally.

The bottom position of any lower body compound movement will have some knee movement outward because the femur has to be able to move around the pelvis (how much this will vary can based on people’s bone structures, women have wider hips). I’ve seen Dr. John Rusin say the the more natural position of the knees in the bottom position is over the 5th toe.

The key I look for is significant knee moving inward or outward which will usually represent some type of muscle imbalance or just an issue with proper form and recruiting the right muscles.

Rod’s knees here are in a pretty good position with a little movement outward but with a lot of clients new to strength training this is often to due to learning a new movement and learning how to recruit and use the correct muscles. Once they do this they will become more efficient in the movement, improve their muscular coordination, improve using the right muscles and strength and stability in the knee will improve. #legpressmachine #quads #quadriceps #legsworkout #legday #legtraining #muscle #exercise #workout #fitness #gym #lasvegas #vegasstrong #vegas #personaltrainer #strengthcoach

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