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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

For a variety of reasons going to the gym to exercise on a regular basis may not be very realistic for some people. Whether it’s working a lot of hours, having children at home, or distance to the gym not having the ability to go the gym or health club to exercise may seem like a roadblock to getting in better shape. The truth is though that you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym get in better shape.

From my experience many people’s goals can be obtained through exercising right out of their own home. The great thing is that you don’t need a bunch of different types of expensive exercise equipment to do it either. There is a great quote that I like from one of the world’s greatest strength coaches Ian King in which he says “the capitalistic nature of the United States has resulted in 2 industries having an incredible influence on attitudes and behavior in United States strength training – the supplement industry and the equipment industry. I appreciate this environment, but the reality from my perspective is that both these tend to be over-rated in America. Training and food are more important than equipment and supplements.”

His point is that what matters most isn’t the exercise equipment you have but what you do with the equipment (how you train). What matters most is the training or workout itself, not how much different types of expensive and fancy exercise equipment you have. This is the point at which having a good, qualified personal trainer to help you with your fitness goals is important. A good trainer doesn’t need a bunch of different types of exercise equipment to give someone a good workout. A good trainer can show you how to get a great workout without a lot of equipment and get you in great shape with the right training program.

I have always said that having a good set of dumbbells and barbells and knowing how to use them correctly is much better than any in home exercise equipment you can buy on any of these infomercials you see. I have helped many of my in home clients that I train that don’t have a single piece of exercise equipment setup their homes for an effective workout without breaking the bank. A good home gym setup doesn’t have to put you in the poor house and doesn’t have to take up an entire room either. Pieces of exercise equipment such as adjustable dumbbells and barbells, resistance bands, physio balls, and adjustable benches can make up part of a good home gym. So remember the next time you make an excuse about not being able to exercise that you can get a good workout right out of your own home.

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