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How to target your glutes with the glute/ham machine

The glute/ham machine. Good for the glutes, hamstring and erector spinae muscles. My client Serena (seen here) always does exercises in such good form. There are a few common mistakes people make when they do this exercise. Watch Serena’s form to see how to correctly perform this exercise.

1️⃣ One of the biggest mistakes people make on this is hyperextending the thoracic spine at the top. I tell clients to come up to where the torso is about parallel to the ground or what would be a normal, natural standing posture if you were standing upright.

2️⃣ Drive through the glutes. If you are only feeling it in the lower back you aren’t engaging all the right muscles.

3️⃣ Keep your back straight. Many people tend to round their back, especially their lower back (lumbar spine) in the bottom position and on the negative/eccentric phase in general.

4️⃣ Don’t swing. I see some people just swing and fling their body up on the positive/concentric. I tell clients regardless of if we are doing a slower rep tempo or faster one that you control the movement and weight. It doesn’t control you.

Also if you want to work the glutes two ways rotate your feet out when doing the exercise. The glutes will work extending your hip and by externally rotating your feet out. This will get your medial glutes involved too.

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