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Hip hinge key for athletic performance and everyday life

Having my client MaryKay perform dumbbell romanian dead lifts. This is a great exercise for the entire back side of the body (posterior chain). The exercise is what they refer to as a hip hinge movement where the movement in the exercise is at the hip joint.

This is a key movement in most sports as well as in every day life. The exercise primarily works the hip extensor muscles, glutes and hamstrings as well as the erector spinae muscles of the back among others. All athletes should be able to hip hinge correctly as it contributes so much to athletic performance.

Here are some keys (not all) to the RDL.

1️⃣ Keep a neutral back. You don’t want to round your back or excessively arch it. This will take tension off the working muscles and can lead to an injury, in particular in the lower (lumbar) back.

2️⃣ Keep a slight bend in the knees. The movement is at the hip not the knees.

3️⃣ Start the movement at the hips by pushing your hips back (posteriorly). If you don’t do this and go straight down you will round your lower back. This will alter the mechanics of the movement and put the work on the discs and not the muscles.

4️⃣ Don’t over extend or hyperextend at the top. Come to a position at the end or top of the movement that is in correct, proper standing posture.

5️⃣ Keep the weight close to the body throughout the exercise. This will keep the work on the glutes and hamstrings and lessen strain on the spine.

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