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A great exercise for knee strength and stability

I’m having my client David perform Poliquin step ups. This exercise is great for targeting the vastus medialus oblique (VMO).

The VMO is a quadricep muscle that crosses the knee joint and is a key muscle involved in knee stability. Weakness in the VMO can lead to knee instability and potentially knee problems.

This exercise looks simple because the range of motion is short but it can be difficult to perform, especially if the VMO is weak or underdeveloped.

Some key points

1️⃣ To do this exercise correctly you want to start with a small step (a 6 inch step or less is what I like to start with).

2️⃣ You then want to have the heel of the plant leg elevated with the balls of the feet and toes touching the step. The elevated heel and the driving off the balls of the feet will emphasize the use of the VMO.

3️⃣ Keep the torso straight and body upright.

4️⃣ Keep the knee on the other leg straight and curl your toes up towards your shin. This will keep you from pushing off with your other leg and let the plant leg do the work.

5️⃣ Have the heel of the non working leg just in front of the toes of the working leg.

6️⃣ Perform the exercise in a smooth and controlled manner focusing on doing the exercise correctly and using the right muscles.

7️⃣ You can progress to elevating the heel higher, increasing the height of the step, slowing the rep tempo to increase more time under tension (the amount of time the muscle is worked and to adding weight with dumbbells or a barbell. #exercise #vastusmedialis #vastusmedialisoblique #knee #kneestability #kneestrengthening #quadriceps #legs #legtraining #legexercises #legworkout #personaltrainer #strengthcoach #fitness #muscle #lasvegas #vegas

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