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Glute training

Doing back extensions for the hip/back extensor muscles (gluteus maximus, erector spinae, hamstrings, adductor magnus). I am having my client MaryKay also externally/laterally rotate her feet out which will get more involvement of the glutes (gluteus maximus and gluteus medius) so that we are targeting the glutes 2 way, hip extension and external/lateral rotation.

few cues or things to focus on when performing these are....

- keep your head straight/neutral - don’t swing the back when performing the exercise. There’s a tendency for people to swing and propel the body up from the bottom position. Let the muscles do the work. Don’t use momentum and body english. - Come up to the natural position or posture your should be in when standing. Don’t hyperextend at the top of the movement.

You can add weight for more resistance with a dumbbell, weight plate, etc. A trick you can do to make it more challenging with weight is hold the weight across your chest when you extend the hip and the at the top of the movement extend your arms out in front holding the weight and perform the negative portion of the movement (the lowering part). Your body is always stronger eccentrically (the negative) and this will overload the muscles in the eccentric part of the lift making it more challenging. #glutes #glutuesmedius #gluteusmaximus #gluteworkout #glutetraining #gluteexercise #hipextension #backextension #hamstrings #erectorspinae #lasvegas #personaltrainer #strengthcoach @ Las Vegas, Nevada

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