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Front step ups

The front step up is an exercise I like to use often in programs. There is a wide range of opinions on its effectiveness from different trainers and strength coaches. I’ve seen some who love it and others who feel it’s not that effective of an exercise and feel there are better options.

I think it’s a good exercise but it needs to be done correctly and unfortunately it doesn’t get performed correctly often (I was guilty of doing it wrong for years). It starts I think with starting with a smaller step (like the guy in the pic) and just using body weight to learn the form. You need to focus on just using the leg that’s on the step and not pushing off with the back leg. Keep the torso straight and drive straight up with the lead leg on the step. This will work the glutes, hamstrings and quads.

To teach yourself to not push off with the back leg curl your toes up and keep your back leg straight. This will help keep you from pushing off with the back leg. Starting with a lower step will help you learn the exercise correctly and as you gain strength you can increase the step height to eventually where your upper leg is parallel to the ground (as seen with the woman in the pic). Once you can perform the exercise with that height you can progress to weights. #stepups #frontstepups #hamstrings #glutes #quads #exercise #workout #fitness #personaltrainer #strengthcoach #fitnesstrainer #lasvegas #nevada #strengthtraining #weighttraining #gym #muscle

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