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Fiber for Fat Loss

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

“It’s not expensive, it’s not sexy, but it works like a charm. It’s plain old-fashioned fiber. More than a dozen clinical studies have used dietary fiber supplements for weight loss, most with positive outcomes.”

From Dr. Johnny Bowden’s book “Living Low Carb: Controlled Carbohydrate Eating for Long Term Weight Loss” where he talks about the best supplements for weight loss.

“Fiber is your friend”is a saying I’ve used with my clients for years. On top of the many overall health benefits (helps digestion, supports proper gut health, helps lower blood lipids, etc) fiber is very beneficial for fat loss.

Unfortunately some information and research suggests the average American diet only gets 5 to 14 grams of fiber a day which falls way below the recommended 25 to 38 grams a day for adults.

In the post I added a picture of the some of the good sources of fiber I had in my apartment like black beans (legumes), oat bran, walnuts (raw nuts) and avocado. Some good additional sources of fiber are green vegetables, fruit (especially berries), raw nuts and legumes (beans) among others.

Some studies have shown that people who didn’t change their diet or exercise habits and just increased their fiber intake increased their fat loss. #fiber #solublefiber #insolublefiber #digestivehealth #digestion #guthealth #fatloss #fatlosstips #lasvegas #health #healthyfood #food #nutrition #diet #weightloss #fatburningfoods #fatburning #vegetables #fruits #legumes #rawnuts #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnesstrainer #strengthcoach

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