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Exercises to avoid

Exercises to avoid

by Dan Eiden

*️⃣ Bench dips are a popular exercise that many people who train regularly do in their workouts. They primarily work the anterior deltoids (front shoulders), pecs and triceps. They aren’t too hard to perform, require minimal equipment (just a bench) and most people can do several reps of them.

*️⃣ The problem is they are also very hard on the shoulders. You start the movement with your arms behind you and with your shoulders internally rotated. This can be hard on some people’s shoulders just starting the movement like this, especially if you have tight internal rotator muscles like the pecs and anterior delts.

*️⃣ You then lower yourself into the bottom position of the movement where the upper arms are parallel to the ground. This combo of internal rotation and a large degree of shoulder extension (where your arms are extending way back behind your torso) causes the shoulder joint to be drawn forward which can put a lot of strain on the shoulders and can put a lot of strain on the rotator cuff muscles, their tendons and the long head of the bicep tendon.

*️⃣ The torso being vertical in the movement further compounds matters as it draws the arms further back into shoulder extension (much beyond what most people can do in a safe, healthy matter as 45 to 60 degrees of shoulder extension is normal for most people) causing the shoulders to be drawn forward even more as seen in the pic (not my pic, just some random pic on google)

*️⃣ It’s much to high risk/low reward and that’s usually a bad sign when choosing exercises to perform in your training program, especially if you are an overhead throwing athlete (baseball pitcher, quarterback) and need healthy shoulders. In my opinion doing regular parallel or v bar dips in strict form is a much better alternative and is a far more effective exercise for developing the anterior delts, pecs and triceps. #dips #tricepdips #benchdips #pecs #delts #deltoids #triceps #shoulders #shoulderhealth #glenohumeral #rotatorcuff #internalrotation #biceptendon #shoulderextension #strictform #personaltrainer #strengthcoach #fitness #muscle #lasvegas #vegasstrong #lasvegasliving #lasvegaslocals

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