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Not having enough time to exercise?

I posted the other day on people talking about not having enough time to train. I said how 3 x a week for 30 to 40 minutes should be enough time for most people’s goals if you have a good plan, train hard and follow a good diet. Here’s a program I put together for a good friend of mine who is pressed for time.

Workout 1

A1 Barbell squats 4 x 8 to 10 reps 3010 rep tempo, rest 90 seconds A2 Incline DB bench 4 x 8 to 10 reps (dropping incline level each set, last set is on a flat bench) 3010 rep tempo, rest 90 seconds B1 Dumbbell Bulgarian split squats 3 x 12 to 15 reps 3010, rest 60 seconds B2 Dips 3 x 10 to 12 reps 3010 rep tempo, rest 60 seconds

Workout 2

A1 Barbell dead lifts 4 x 6 to 8 reps 3110 rep tempo, rest 90 seconds A2 Chin/pull ups 4 x 6 reps 4010 rep tempo (1st set wide grip, 2nd set neutral grip, 3rd set mixed grip, 4th set underhand grip), rest 90 seconds B1 Leg press 3 x 12 to 15 reps 3010 rep tempo, rest 60 seconds B2 One arm dumbbell rows 3 x 10 reps 3011 rep tempo, rest 60 seconds.

You go 3 x a week alternating between workout 1 and 2 doing workout 1 twice the first week and then workout 2 twice the second week and so on. I set it kind of front of the body and pushing movements one workout and the other pulling movements and posterior chain the other workout. I did the math on the workouts, should be around 30 min each. A person can substitute some of the exercises if they need to based on equipment they have or don’t have. Also letter like A1 and A2 mean a super set for those not familiar. Try it out. #workout #exercise #training💪 #fitness #timemanagement #gym #strengthtraining #muscle #workoutroutine #exerciseroutine #fitnessroutine #fitnesstrainer #personaltrainer #fitnesscoach #lasvegas #gymtrainer #strengthcoach #lasvegaspersonaltrainer

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