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Exercise progressions with split squats

One of the things I’ve liked to use over the years to help teach clients who may initially lack the strength, stability and muscular coordination to do split squats and lunges is to have them perform the exercise with the assistance of an equalizer (the yellow things you see my client Chaee holding). You can kind of think of it as similar to learning to ride a bike with training wheels first.

By putting the equalizer on either side of the client and aligning it with the middle of their body I found a client can use it for stability and to keep their torso upright. As long as the client is just using the equalizer for balance and stability and isn’t pushing off with their hands the range of motion of the exercise and the way you perform the exercise doesn’t really change. I eventually have the client progress to not holding on but keep the equalizer there as a safety net for them to use it needed.

Once they can do the exercise in good form without the equalizer I progress to having them slowing the rep tempo down on the negative phase to make the exercise more challenging, increase the time the muscles are worked (time under tension) and further improve their stability and muscular coordination.

The next step after that is adding weight or resistance to the exercise.

The front foot being elevated on a step is another thing I use sometimes for beginners or those with tight calves and ankles. Lack of flexibility in the lower body can limit someone’s ability to do regular split squats but doing them with the front foot elevated can help them still perform the movement in good form. When flexibility improves they can progress to not having the front foot elevated. #splitsquats #splitsquat #lebertequalizer #quadsworkout #ankleflexibility #anklemobility #muscularcoordination #muscularstability #legworkout #lasvegas #vegas #exercise #exerciseprogression #fitness #muscle #gym #personaltrainer #strengthcoach #fitnesscoach #fitnesstrainer

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