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Enjoying the process and journey

I’ve noticed over the years that when many people start training they look at how far they have to go to achieve their goals and all the work that needs to be done to get there that they don’t enjoy the process of getting there.

Any worthwhile goal is a process and takes time. You have to be able to stop and enjoy the process and the journey. That is part of the fun. If you look at exercising and eating right as torture or punishment and as something you have to do you will never be successful long term. You have to enjoy and appreciate each step of the way in the journey.

It’s why I like taking progress pics of clients, not just the before and after. It’s why I like to take body fat tests on clients on a regular basis and one of the reasons I track all my clients workouts and progress. You have to celebrate and appreciate the small wins and victories along the way and then continue to build on them. It can be something as simple as finally being able to do an advanced exercise in strict form, staying strict with your nutrition for a week or not missing a workout for a couple weeks.

Don’t try to rush the process and journey, enjoy it and appreciate it and you will reach your goals faster. #goals #fitness #fitnessgoals #exercise #exercisegoals #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #workout #workoutgoals #lasvegas #successquotes #success #enjoytheprocess #enjoythejourney #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #strengthcoach #gymtrainer

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