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Direct abdominal training for a ripped midsection?

A quote from Arthur Jones. I have echoed this sentiment for years. I must add though that I do feel direct abdominal training is helpful and often times needed for those that have weak abdominals (not body fat, weak or undeveloped muscles and or strength in the abdominals) and or a muscle imbalance.

Also, Arthur mentions calorie intake in this quote. I am not a fan of calorie counting in an attempt to lose body as I feel all calories are different and have different effects on the body. Translation = calorie intake matters and means something, but it doesn’t mean everything.

His point though holds true and that unless you follow a healthy, strict nutrition program you won’t lose body fat in the abdominals no matter how much exercise you do for that area of the body. I’ve always said I would rather do something productive like sitting on my butt watching TV then do direct abdominal exercises in an futile attempt to lose body fat. #fatloss #abdominal #abdominals #midsection #rippedabs #shreddedabs #calorie #calories #sixpackabs #lasvegas #nutrition #healthy #healthyfood #vegas #personaltrainer #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #fitness #fitnesstrainer

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