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Building chin up strength

My client MaryKay has never been able to do a chin up. After a 6 week chin up specialization program I designed for her at 54 years old she is finally able to do one (actually she did 2 but this video is her 3rd set and with some fatigue setting in she was only able to get 1 here). Great work MaryKay!

Here are a few things in her program we worked on to get her to be able to do a chin up.

1️⃣ We focused on building her chin up eccentric (negative) strength.

2️⃣ We performed static holds and small concentric contractions throughout the chin up range of motion, especially at the top which is the most difficult part of the movement.

3️⃣ We worked on other back exercises to strengthen her entire back.

4️⃣ We worked on building her strength in her elbow flexors including doing different types of curls.

5️⃣ We did double training. This means we did chin ups first in the workout and then did it again at the end of the workout.

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