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Body Opus = still a great read

One of my favorite books in the bodybuilding world. I first remember reading it over 20 years ago a couple years after it came out. Although it’s an older book with some things that are outdated and some things I disagree with it’s still a great book. The books author is Dan Duchaine, aka The Steroid Guru. The book is a very specific and detailed ketogenic (very low carb) diet that cycles in strategic high carb days to avoid the catabolism (muscle loss) that tends to come with dieting. It is designed for people who are in good or decent shape and want to get in great shape and get ripped to shreds as well as pre contest bodybuilders dieting for competition. A good read for anyone looking for a good bodybuilding diet book. #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #bodybuilder #diet #lowcarb #ketogenicdiet #nutrition #rippedbody #shreddedbody #rippedabs #physique #sixpackabs #dietbook #bodybuildingbook #steroids #lasvegas #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #fitnesscoach #gymtrainer #strengthcoach

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