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Skin fold calipers are still one of the best body fat tests

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

I’ve had these pair of Lange skin fold calipers for over 20 years. I remember having to special order them from a drug store and it taking 4 weeks to get them. I think it was $300. One of the best investments I’ve made. I’ve done probably over a 1,000 body fat tests with these over the years. I still think calipers are one of the very best methods of testing body fat, especially if you are lean. I’ve found the leaner someone is the more accurate the calipers are. If someone is really big it unfortunately becomes too hard to get accurate readings on the calipers and the test is not as accurate. Some people feel you need to do at least a few thousand body fat tests to get accurate and be competent with the calipers. I know it took me years to feel I was even half way decent at using them. One of the keys to accuracy in any body fat test is doing the same method of body fat testing and if you are using calipers having the same person test you because every tester is different. Also the more sites tested on the body the more accurate the test. For example, a 7 site test is more accurate then a 3 site test. #fat #bodyfat #fitness #bodyfattesting #bodyfattest #skinfoldcaliper #health #fitnessassessment #lasvegas #lasvegaspersonaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #fatloss #muscle #gymtrainer #strengthcoach #lasvegaspersonaltrainer

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