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Biggest loser contestants weight & fat regain

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

This study is from a few years ago but it’s one of the few studies on long term weight loss. This isn’t to provoke a discussion or debate on the show the Biggest Loser but more so to look at the problems that come with any type of rapid weight loss, especially those that focus only on weight loss and not fat loss and educate people on the flaws and pitfalls of any rapid weight loss programs. Anytime you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time there will be a significant loss in lean body mass (muscle). This slows the metabolism as seen by the contestants who 6 years later had suppressed resting metabolic rates. The loss of lean body mass is never desirable when losing body fat and will only increase the chances of weight regain. The loss of lean body mass also makes the person just a smaller version of their previous self with minimal muscle definition. One of the other problems that tends to happen with rapid weight loss is the body fights to get back to the weight it was so accustomed to being at for so long. It’s what some call a “set point theory”.

The only worthwhile weight loss is permanent weight loss and that is not done through flashy, crash diets and programs. Its done through following a complete program with a good, well rounded nutrition program (not drastically slashing calories) as well as following a consistent weight/strength training program aimed at increasing strength and lean muscle while losing body fat and not going by the scale as a measure of progress. The plan should aim to lose body fat on a consistent basis over time. Permanent fat loss is attainable. It just needs to be done correctly.

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