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Bicep training tips

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

This is not a complete list but rather some things I feel are important in working to develop your biceps and the other elbow flexor muscles (brachials and elbow flexor muscles in the forearm).

1) The resistance curve is the point in an exercise where there is more tension on the muscle then other points. In a preacher curl the most tension on the muscle is at the bottom of the movement, in a seated dumbbell curl or standing barbell curl the mid point is where the most tension is on the muscle and in a incline dumbbell curl the most tension on the muscle tends to be at the top point or end of the exercise. Doing exercises that emphasize different points in the strength curl will help in your bicep development.

2) The brachialis is a muscle that lies underneath the biceps and contributes a lot to total arm development. It is worked when the hands are semi supinated (palms facing grip as done with hammer curls) and in a pronated grip (palms facing down as done in a reverse curl). Be sure to include brachialis work in your arm program to maximize your arm development.

3) it’s easy to neglect the squeeze and not focus on the working muscles when training but it’s important.

4) performing a variety of exercises and with a variety of different grips, hand placements and at different angles will recruit the muscles different and stimulate them to something different. It will also prevent them from adapting to the same movements over and over.

5) doing big back exercises with an underhand grip (supinated), especially chin ups will help work the biceps and elbow flexors more and force then to handle greater loads then in direct bicep training.

6) forearm and grip strength can contribute a lot to bicep development as the flexors in the forearms work a lot in bicep exercises. A weakness in forearm and grip can also be a limiting factor in bicep development.

7) seated movements will help recruit the targeted muscles better then doing the same movement standing as it will increase the neural drive to the muscles (the drive from the nervous system to the muscles) and getting more muscle fibers recruited #muscle#muscles #biceps #bicepworkout #brachialis #forearmworkout #bicep #biceptraining #armworkout #armtraining #bicepexercises #lasvegas #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #gymtrainer #strengthcoach

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