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Beginner's Exercise Progress

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

When someone first starts an exercise program, either a beginner or someone who has been sedentary and hasn’t trained for an extended period of time, they can make very good progress in the beginning. Their body is usually very receptive to exercise and as long as they are consistent almost any training program will work and produce results to some degree. That being said it’s important to note though that doesn’t mean you will always be making gains every single workout. Beginner’s can vary from workout to workout, sometimes wildly. Success isn’t always perfectly linear. Beginners are still learning how to perform exercises, how to recruit and use the right muscles and their nervous systems are not very conditioned and efficient yet. This creates some inconsistencies at times from workout to workout. In the chart I have 2 lines. One (the blue line) is how a beginner may hope or anticipate their progress and gains in a workout to go from workout to workout (perfectly linear and making gains every workout). The other (the purple line) is how a beginners progress tends to usually go which is making gains and improving overall at a very good rate but with some variances from workout to workout. A few blips in the radar so to speak. Keep this in mind when just starting training and understand that even though progress usually comes quick for a beginner it may vary some from workout to workout.

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