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Back Tri Set

Tri set with my client Rod hitting the posterior chain (back side of the body) and core.

1️⃣Med ball slams 6 to 8 reps

With power movements/exercises I like to usually start with them in a program or have them in the beginning of the workout. If I’m doing a tri set or some type of circuit I do them first. You want to start with power then move on to strength exercises.

2️⃣ One arm dumbbell rows 10 to 12 reps

3️⃣ Sled pulls With these we are pulling down to one end of the turf and then back. This starts to get into muscular endurance so I end the tri set with these.

Going from power, to functional strength and hypertrophy (increasing muscle) and finishing with muscular endurance. This helps tap into as many different muscle fibers as possible. #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #exercise #workout #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #lasvegas #vegas #muscle #gym #gymtrainer #strengthcoach

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