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Attend our Open House event and receive FREE giveaways!

I am really excited for this on Saturday, March 14th at Bodysport Fitness Center. The athletic performance training branch of Eiden's Fitness, Exercise Elite Las Vegas Strength & Conditioning, with an open house and seminar.

Any athletes who attend will receive

🆓 FREE week of our Exercise Elite Las Vegas Strength & Conditioning group athletic performance training sessions and

🆓 FREE vertical jump testing

Our friends Gus Vargas with Structura Body Therapies and Sean Testa and Isabella Pinal with Real Fit Meals will be giving attendees

🆓 FREE 10 minute Structura Body Therapies fascia body therapy session and

🆓 FREE Real Fit Meals samples from their healthy menu

Bodysport will also be doing a drawing for a 🆓FREE Mexican vacation.

Their will be a presentation by coach Barry and myself on our different Exercise Elite athletic performance training programs, how our programs work with a break down of all the different areas of athletic performance we cover in our programs (speed development, power development, agility training, flexibility, injury prevention, strength training and conditioning as well as addressing and correcting muscle and structural imbalances) and testimonials from our athletes.

Structura Body Therapies and Real Fit Meals will also be speaking about their services and the importance of what they offer and do for total health and athletic performance.

RSVP HERE https://www.facebook.com/events/1282715595248631/

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