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Abdominal Training Facts & Myths

The fitness industry is filled with myths & misinformation. I take a lot of pride in teaching and educating my clients on all things health and fitness and dispelling all the different myths and misinformation in the field is part of that. None are bigger then those about abdominal training. Here are some things to know about the abdominals and how to train them correctly. 1️⃣ You can train your abs until you are blue in the face but it will not help you lose fat in the abdominals or bring out cuts, definition or tone. It doesn’t work that way. Your body has a fat distribution pattern that is pretty much the same in everyone although things like high cortisol levels, high insulin levels, gender and genetics can affect where body fat is stored to a degree. 2️⃣ The abs main role is to control and stabilize the core, trunk and spine. They can do trunk flexion (a sit-up) and hip flexion (a leg raise) but that’s not their primary role. 3️⃣ Exercises like planks, push-up holds, TRX or ring fall outs work the abdominals and core with minimal or no hip flexion and trunk flexion while working the glutes and other muscles involved in core stabilization. 4️⃣ Traditional abdominal exercise like crunches, sit-ups and leg raises can put strain on the lumbar spine. 5️⃣ Many people have tight hip flexors. Doing exercises like crunches, sit-ups and leg raises will only work these muscles more and potentially create a muscle and structural imbalance. 6️⃣ The best exercises for the abs are squats , dead lifts, chin-ups, push-ups and inverted rows. They all force the core to stabilize the trunk of the body with body weight as well as any external load working the core much more than doing a little crunch lying on your back. 7️⃣ Direct abdominal training using trunk and hip flexion will never be a part of mine or my clients training programs. Any core and abdominal work we do is from the big multi joint movements that incorporate a lot of core stabilization and from abdominal core exercises that focus on stabilization rather then trunk and hip flexion. #abs #abdominals #abworkout #coreworkout #fitness #fitnessmyths #rippedabs #lasvegas #vegas #personaltrainer

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